Gr8r Telecom helps you connect your new business to the world with the best telephone and Internet services, including Memorable Phone Numbers like 218-FITNESS, 202-700-7000, etc; Virtual Phone Service, if you don't have a physical office, or VoIP Phone Service, if you have a physical office with high speed Internet; Web Texting Service, so you can send and receive SMS text messages on your desktop, laptop and tablet computers; Virtual Fax Service, so you can send and receive faxes online; Integration, to automate your calling and computing tasks; and Plug-Ins, to embed your phones into the software you use to run your business!  Get the telecom services you need to get your new business started with a big bang at


Gr8r Add-Ons provides all of the additional features you need for your business, but can't get from your phone service, Internet service or software provider.  Our add-ons work with any phone service, phone line or phone equipment; with any Internet service; and with most web-based software.  Get the phone, Internet and software add-ons you need to make your business run better today at


Gr8r Numbers gives your businesses the power to grow by enabling your office phone number with new hi-tech features, functionality, and capabilities, without requiring you to switch to a different phone company, change your phone number, or make any changes to your phones! We can enable your existing office phone number with advance tech, like SMS Text Messaging, Virtual Caller ID, Auto Calling, Call Recording, Outbound IVR, and more!  Get your office phone number enabled today at


Gr8r Apps helps you solve your business problems, challenges and issues with custom apps, custom integrations and custom plug-ins.  We can develop Custom Apps to meet your unique software requirements, Custom Integrations to streamline your workflow, and Custom Plug-ins to empower you to login to one app and have access to multiple other apps.  Get the software solutions you need for your business today at


Gr8r Marketing helps you use the latest and the best technology to succeed in every aspect of marketing your business, including Branding, SEO- Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Sales Promotions, Campaigns, Referral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, PR- Public Relations, and Market Expansion.  Get the marketing tools your business needs to grab the attention of consumers at
Gr8r Technology is a bunch of "geeks" and "nerds" dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, business managers and administrators use the very best technology tools to start a new business, improve an existing business, or revive a failing business. Our range of services include add-on services, telecom services, phone number enablement, custom app development, and marketing tools.

So, regardless of your needs, requirements and specifications, the Gr8r Technology team can help you leverage the best technology to start, operate and build your business or organization.  Click HERE to get a quote today!
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