Online Databases empower you to manage all of your business data in the "cloud", including detailed information about your products & services, inventory, sales, customers, employees, vendors, etc.  You can easily collect new data using online forms embedded on your website or blog, distributed via email, or launched on any computer by simply clicking on a link.  You can access and manage your online database from any computer or smart phone, enabling you to edit, organize, update and analyze your data, look-up information, and generate reports, from any location at any time.

Online Forms empower you to collect information from your customers, patients, students, etc on your website, blog, or via email.  Online forms also enable your website visitors to quickly lookup information, including a list of your products & services, pricing, availability, etc!

Anyone can fill-out your Online Forms from any computer, smartphone or mobile device at any time.  You can create as many different forms as you need, as well as access, change, delete, and store your forms in the "cloud"- from any computer, smartphone or mobile device, at any time, in any location!

Contacts Management apps empower you to keep all of your business contacts in one centralized place in the "cloud". Everything you need to know about your business contacts is available in one central place, including tasks, meetings, notes, etc.  Your team can instantly access your contacts' phone numbers, email addresses, notes, etc from any computer, smart phone or mobile device, in any location, at anytime!  And you can easily assign tasks to your team, prioritize, track to-do items, plan follow-up activities, and get things done!

Document Management Service empowers you to use your Internet connection to upload and store all your files securely in a centralized location "in the cloud", and access your files at anytime, on any computer smart phone or Internet enabled device; from any location!  You can create, edit, share, view, distribute, organize, archive your files, as well as collaborate with your employees and partners.

Storing your data online is an ideal approach to creating a virtual environment where your partners, employees, and vendors in any part of the world can store, access and share word processing documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, videos, images, audio clips, and more, at anytime, using any computer or device with Internet access, but working from various locations!

Whether you use a single computer to run a home based business or have a large computer network at your office, your data isn't safe until it is backed up and stored in a safe place away from your home or office.  The best approach is to use your Internet connection to back up your data online "in the cloud" through a reliable data backup service, ensuring that your data is safe, secure and accessible from any computer, at any time in any location.
We help you use the best tech tools to collect, organize, store, access, edit, analyze, and report your business data- and it's all done in the cloud, so you can manage your data from any computer, smartphone or mobile device, in any location, at any time.  Data Management has become a major priority for businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries, and often determines whether or not a business is competitive and successful.

Regardless of your needs, Gr8r Technology can help you use the best Data Management tools to reach your goals, including online databases, web documents and more.  Click HERE to get a quote today!
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