Invoice Payments- Receive credit/debit card payments of your invoices via email or SMS text messaging.

Web Payments- Receive credit/debit card payments on your website, blog, Facebook page, Google+ page, and other social media sites.

Email Payments- Receive credit/debit card payments via email.

SMS Text Messaging Payments- Receive credit/debit card payments via SMS text messaging.

Digital Download Payments- Receive credit/debit card payments for your ebooks, photos, videos, audio clips, presentations, and other digital products.

Phone Payments- Process credit/debit card payments over-the-phone, at anytime, in any location.

Mobile Device Payments- Process credit/debit card payments on your tablet, smartphone or mobile devices, in any location, at anytime, using a card reader/swiper.

Virtual Terminal Payments- Process credit/debit card payments anywhere you can access the Internet- no hardware or software required.

Recurring Payments- Setup automatic daily, weekly and monthly recurring payments for the services you provide to your customers on a recurring basis.  Your customer’s credit/debit card will be automatically charged the same amount every day, week, or month.

Recurring Billing- Setup automatic weekly and monthly billing for your customers who receive your services on a recurring weekly or monthly basis.  Your customers can pay their bill with a credit/debit card or cash.

Installment Payments- Allow your customers to pay you for big ticket items in three (3) or more installments using their credit/debit card.

Cash-To-Electronic Payments- Convert cash payments into electronic funds and add the funds to your bank account electronically.

Credit/Financing- Extend no interest financing to VIP customers.  You receive full payment upfront, but your customer can pay 30, 60 or 90 days later.

Non-Profit Donations / Fundraising- Receive tax-deductible donations and receive payments for fundraising items, like candy, spirit wear, tickets, etc., via email, SMS text messaging, over-the-phone, through a website, blog, Facebook, Google+; and in-person using a card reader.
Gr8r Technology helps you use the best tech tools to receive and process electronic payments from your customers, clients, patients, students, donars, etc., via credit and debit cards.  Anyone can pay for your goods or services at anytime, in any location, on any computer, smartphone or mobile device, and payments can be made through your website, email, SMS text messaging, mobile card swiper/reader, virtual terminal, or over-the-phone.  You can also, receive payments in 3 or more installements or setup recurring payments.

Regardless of your needs, Gr8r Technology can help you use the payment tech tools to achieve your goals.  Click HERE to get a quote today!
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