Call Recorder- Record both incoming and outgoing calls on any phone (office, home, cell, etc).
Call Transfer- Manually transfer "live" calls to voicemail, cell phones, Skype, or any outside phone line.
Virtual Caller ID- Show any phone number in the outbound Caller ID for any outbound call.
Call Queue- Let callers can press “1” to wait for the next available rep, or press “2” to leave a message.
Dial-By-Name Directory- Let callers enter the first or last name of the employee they want to reach.
Conference Calling Bridge- Enable up to 99 people to join and participate in a conference call.
On-Hold Messaging- Give callers info about your company, products and services while they're on-hold.
Virtual Phone System- Works with any type of phones- landline, cellular, softphone, IP phones, etc.
VoIP Phone System- Works with any Cisco or Polycom VoIP phones.
Mobile Phone System- Turns your smartphone into a powerful, full featured, business class phone system.
Backup Phone System- Works during phone service outages, power failure and natural disasters.
"Live" Answering Service- Incoming calls are answered and processed by skilled call center agents.


Auto Attendant-  Automatically answers and routes incoming calls efficiently without any human involvement.
Voicemail-  Automatically answers incoming calls and records voice messages from callers.
Voice-To-Text Transcription- Automatically transcribes voicemail messages and recorded calls to text.
Outbound IVR- Automatically delivers voice messages like appointment reminders, updates, security alerts, etc.
Q&A IVR- Automatically performs Q & A type functions such as enrollment, surveys, job interviews, etc.
Self-Serv IVR- Enable callers to access info and perform transactions over-the-phone by themselves.
Call Blocking- Automatically block unwanted incoming calls from telemarketers and "robo callers".


Call Tracking- Collect data on call activity and history, including the call volume, caller's name & number, etc.
Call Accounting Codes- Track calls so you can bill clients for the time spent with them on the phone.


CRM Software- Integrate your phones with your CRM, like like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, etc.
Google Apps- Integrate your phones with your Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Sheets, etc.
Microsoft Office 365- Integrate your phones with your Microsoft Outlook 365 and Microsoft Excel 365.
Online Databases- Integrate your phones with your online database software, like Zoho Creator, Caspio, etc.
Calendar/Appointments Software- Integrate your phones with your Google Calendar or other calendar apps.
Email Services- Integrate your phones with your email service, like Outlook 355, Gmail, Zoho Mail, etc.
Document Management Software-  Integrate your phones with Dropbox, Google Docs, Zoho Docs, Box, etc!


Virtual Phone Service- Receive calls on all types of phones, including analog, digital, VoIP, cellular, etc.
Remote Call Forwarding- Receive calls from remote locations where you don't have a physical office.
VoIP Phone Service- Make and receive calls on VoIP phones or ATA connected to the Internet.
SIP Trunking- Make and receive calls on your SIP-based phone system connected to the Internet.
PRI Phone Service- Make and receive calls on your analog PBX phone system using the PSTN.
Analog Phone Service- Make and receive calls on your analog phones using the PSTN.
Backup Phone Service- Keep talking to customers during service outages, power failure and natural disasters.
Gr8r Technology helps you use the best tech tools for routing incoming calls, automating routine calling tasks, manually transferring "live" calls, recording calls, handling high call volume, tracking calls, conference calling, remote call forwarding, centralizing and connecting calls from multiple locations, keeping your business running during phone service outages and natural disasters, integrating your phones with your computer, and more!

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