Web Texting technology empowers your sales team to reach the many, many consumers who use SMS text messaging as their preferred form of communication, as well as make it more convenient for customers to order your products and services.  Web Texting technology eliminates "phone tag" and "email lag", speeds up the sales cycle and increases closure rates!

Lead Generation- Consumers respond to ads more often when they're given the option to text instead of calling
Lead Capture- Follow up on leads faster, eliminating "phone tag" and "email lag"
Lead Qualification-  Quality leads faster via SMS Text Messaging, eliminating "phone tag" and "email lag"
Sales Orders-  Consumers can place orders from the convenience of their mobile phone via SMS Text Message
Quotes- Quickly send quotes to "warm" and "hot" leads and get an immediate response
Email Notification- Notify customers that you've emailed a proposal, contract or invoice, so they won't miss it


Online Database applications empower you to manage all of your sales data in the "cloud", including detailed information about your products and services, pricing, inventory, customer contact info, and more!  Your sales team can easily collect new data using online forms embedded on your website or blog, distributed via email, or launched on any computer by simply clicking on a link.  You can access and manage your online database from any computer or smart phone, enabling you to edit, organize, update and analyze your data, look-up information, and generate reports, from any location at any time.

Pricing- Maintain detailed and up-to-date information about standard pricing, special deals, and special offers
Inventory- Maintain detailed and up-to-date information on availability of products and services
Sales Order Tracking- Track and monitor sales orders
Sales Order Notification- Alert relevant personnel when new order comes in, eliminating delays in order fulfillment
Customer Information- Basic information including, name, email, phone, address, picture, etc


Contacts Management applications empower you to keep all your interactions with existing and potential customers in a centralized address book. Everything your sales team needs to know about your current and prospective customers are at their fingertips, on any computer, tablet or smartphone, in any location at any time!


Document Management applications empower you to upload and store all your sales files securely in a centralized location "in the cloud", and access your files at anytime, on any computer smart phone or Internet enabled device; from any location!  You can create, edit, share, view, distribute, organize, archive your files, as well as collaborate with your sales team.  Ideal for quotes, proposals, invoices, sales letters, order forms, sales presentations, videos, photos, audio clips, spreadsheets, price lists, and any type of sales related file or document.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications empower you to build, maintain & strengthen your relationships with your potential and existing customers. CRM apps make it easier for your sales team to collaborate, communicate and share information, all in a single, centralized online workspace. With CRM tools, you can manage your leads, prospects, contacts and accounts, and use powerful reporting tools to understand how your sales team is performing.


Mobile Web apps give your sales team instant access to information about your products and services, increasing the effectiveness of their sales pitches, resulting in higher closing rates and a better customer experience. Mobile web apps also give your sales team easy access to order forms, contracts and other documents, empowering your sales team to quickly close sales deals in the field. And, Mobile Web Apps enable your sales team to work with real-time data, and update and edit customer and prospect information in the moment- rather than waiting until they return to the office.

Access:  Your sales team can access information about customers, accounts, products, pricing, etc on-the-go
Efficiency: Your sales team can plan and organize customer accounts and sales leads on the go
Presentations:  Your sales team can prepare organized, concise and impressive sales presentations on-the-go
Closing:  Your sales team can close sales deals, including processing payments, while in the field
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD):  Your sales people can use their own tablet, smartphone or mobile device
Collaboration:  Your sales team can more effectively collaborate with co-workers, colleagues and customers


Gaining the competitive advantage over your competition in the area of sales largely depends on your ability to capture, manage, and analyze data on your customers, giving you insights into customer behaviors and buying habits. Using customer data analytics tools empowers you to find and qualify potential customers (prospecting) more effectively, efficiently and productively, because you not only identify prospective customers, but more accurately predict which leads are likely to become paying customers.  Sales intelligence & analytics helps you determine which customers to target, which consumers are the most likely to respond to specific messages or offers, and the most promising and profitable activities and customers.
We help you use the best tech tools to manage your leads, prospects, contacts and accounts; track sales opportunities, generate sales quotes, follow up on sales opportunities, manage loyalty program, distribute discount coupons, manage daily specials, run contests, give out prizes, and more!

We empower you with ideals tools for each stage in the sales cycle, including lead generation, prospecting, capturing and following up on leads, building rapport, identifying consumers' needs, delivering sales presentations, overcoming objections, closing sales and getting repeat sales and referrals. Click HERE to get a quote today!
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