Ideal tool for fast, real-time, two-way conversations- eliminating "phone-tag" and "email lag"!

Reminders on appointments, deadlines, tasks to be performed, bills due, etc
Updates on progress, changes, status, new developments, announcements, etc
Notifications about action taken, action required, problem/issue alerts, warning, new development
Confirmations on task completed, item sent/delivered, item received, etc

Ideal tool for automating routine daily phone calling tasks!

Outbound IVR- Automatically dials out and delivers updates, notifications, reminders, etc
Q & A IVR- Automatic over-the-phone job applications, surveys, pre-qualification, verification,  check-in/out, etc.
Self-Serv IVR- Enables customers to pay bills, schedule appointments, place orders, etc., 24/7 by themselves.

Ideal tool for team collaboration, coordination and communication!

Problem Solving- Enables employees to quickly work together to solve problems and resolve issues.
Information Sharing- Enables employees to easily share up-to-date information with each other.
Collaboration- Enables employees to effectively collaborate on projects, tasks, events, etc
Communication- Empowers employees with effecient communications- eliminates "phone tag" and "email lag".
Productivity- Helps employees avoid losing momentum with "reply-to-all" wars and buried email messages.

Ideal tool for automating the forms on your website, blog, etc!

• Automatically populates your database with all data submitted through your web forms.
• Automatically emails the data submitted through your web forms to one or more email addresses.
• Automatically reminds customers of appointments.
• Automatically sends customers a receipt for their payments.
• Automatically sends customers a confirmation of their reservation.
• Automatically forwards new leads to sales agents.
• Automatically forwards messages to the appropriate employee.

Ideal tool for teams and groups who need a central database!

• Multiple users can collaborate and work simultaneously- no more "checking-out or checking-in".
• You can collect new information and create new records from any computer, smartphone or mobile device.
• It can be used as an information lookup tool on your website, blog, or your other web spaces.
• Documents, photos, audio clips, videos, etc. can be uploaded to any record from any computer.
• You can create and embed visually compelling charts, graphs, and reports on your website, blog, etc.
• Data can be accessed from any computer, smart phone or web browser enabled mobile device.

Ideal tool for managing your most precious resource- time!

• Drive more appointments with fewer hassles than traditional approaches.
• Accept appointments on your website 24 hours a day.
• Receive automated notifications each time someone schedules a new appointment.
• Automatically sends automated reminders to your clients to prevent no-shows.
• Integrates seamlessly with your existing website.
• You can accept pre-payments from your clients 24 hours a day.

• Get your meeting scheduled quickly and painlessly, cutting out all the tedious back and forth emails.
• Propose multiple meeting times to people inside or outside your organization, across systems and time zones.
• People can see when you’re available and send you meeting invitations with just one click on your website.
• Automatically schedule repetitive activities of the same type such as interviews.
• Share your availability information privately or publicly and let people outside your company propose times to meet.
• Send email or SMS text meeting reminders to attendees five (5) minutes before start time.
• No more double bookings or time zone mishaps.

Ideal tool for managing your special projects!

• Keep your projects organized with milestones, tasks and dependencies
• Collaborate using team Intranets, Forums and Chat to make better decisions
• Log hours, export data and bill your clients with time sheets
• Organize, manage and share files from a central place
• Define user roles and provide fine grained access control
• Set automated email notifications, reminders & updates
• Gain deep insights into the progress with editable Gantt charts
• Keep the clients and team members informed with the progress of a project
• Analyze time spent on a project to maximize billable and minimize non-billable hours
• Set task dependencies to manage your deadlines
• Analyze payment history and send invoices for clients
Gr8r Technology helps you use the best tech tools to keep your workers, vendors and customers on track, on time, on task, and on point, so your business runs smoothly, avoiding "bottlenecks", delays, missed opportunities, etc., making your routine, standardized and systematic business processes, procedures and activities as efficient, effective and productive as possible.

Regardless of your needs, requirements and specifications, Gr8r Technology can help you use the best Workflow tools to acheive your goals from any computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile device, in any location, at any time.  Click HERE to get a quote today.
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